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We're big fans of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs, but LG is the only company that offers them. According to recent reports in the Korean press, though, Samsung is still firmly invested in OLED technology. And that's good news for consumers, as competition pushes the tech forward and drives prices lower.

We like OLED because it offers the deep blacks, high contrast, and unlimited viewing angles of a plasma TV, combined with the bright images, super-slim design, and high energy efficiency of a LED LCD set. OLED TVs from LG now top our Ratings in the large-screen categories (55 inches and up).

Samsung isn't new to this market; when the first Samsung OLED TV arrived in our labs in 2013, we were impressed with its performance. In fact, when we compared it head-to-head with LG's first OLED TV, the 55EA9800, we thought the Samsung OLED TV was better.

But Samsung OLED TVs used a technology, called RGB OLED, that turned out to be harder to manufacture than the white OLED (WOLED) technology LG is using. LG's process had better yields (the percentage of TVs manufactured free of defects) and lower production costs. For that reason, among others, Samsung stopped making new OLED TVs in 2013.

Since then, we've wondered when we'd see the next Samsung OLED TV.

At first we thought Samsung would simply switch to the same WOLED technology that LG uses, but it appears that LG now owns the patents to that technology, originally developed by Kodak. Given the competitiveness between the two Korean companies, it seems unlikely that Samsung would be willing to license the technology from its rival.

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